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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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 Pastor Dave's "Thoughts" for 2017                                                 
Parting Thought
August13, 2017
  How do you start your day?  As each one of us is uniquely made by our Creator, with different looks,
abilities, talents and gifts etc; so we may plan our daily time with the Lord in unique ways.  What is
most important is that we do spend time with the Lord in prayer and meditating on His Word!  Some
use devotionals, along with their reading...these can be good to add into your time, because they
may cause you to think on something you hadn't before.
We can all learn from others!  But there must be a time for us to stop...with all the craziness that we
experience in this world, we must take the time to remove ourselves from things for a bit each day to
be refreshed from God's Word and to let him speak to us, then pour our hearts out to Him in praise,
and to speak to Him about our needs!  He wants to hear from us!  
We also need to intercede for others!  A preacher once said..."A day without prayer is a boast
against God!"  We cannot be strong without God!  As we grow weaker and less healthy without
food and drink, so we will be weak and less effective, without time with our Maker!
However you do it, spend time with the One who loves you!
Parting Thought
August 6, 2017
  On Sunday evening we looked at David's personal walk with God.  We saw that this personal
relationship contained singing.  His heart sang of mercy and judgment.  His singing was directed to and
was about God.(v.1)  He was committed to walking purely in his house, walking wisely in his home,
before God while alone, while before his family.(v.2)  He determined to set no wicked thing before his
eyes, he hated the work of them that turn aside, he said it would not cleave to him. (v.3)  He said he
would put away a froward heart and would not know a wicked person. (v.4)
We are focusing on the idea.."It''s a command!"  Our eyes are important! We were given them to
behold the glories God has put around us: the beauty of creation, to Hbe able to complete our
daily tasks, to enjoy our wives, our children, etc.  He has given us eyes to see the lost all around
us, so that we can fulfill our task from the Lord! (Matthew 9:36-38)  But He has not given us our
eyes to use for evil!  In Leviticus 18 we saw the warning of some things our eyes should never
behold...yet America is scourged with the plague of pornography!  One fine writer said, "We should
be moved by the commands of the Lord.  Ignoring those will certainly put us in peril and  make for
an unholy life.  The promises of God are exceedingly great and precious."  May we
all walk in the fear of the Lord!
Parting Thought
July 30, 2017
  Did God ever rebuke bold praying?  Was there ever a time when God said, "You are asking too much;
you want too much power; you want too much demonstration"?  Did God say, "Moses you ought not to
ask for the Red Sea to open"?  Or did He say, "You ought not to expect water to come out of the rock"?
Did God say, "Moses you should not ask the ground to open and swallow up these enemies"?
Did God ever say, "Moses, you can't expect Me to bring in quails to feed this vast crowd"?  Or, Moses, I
can't feed you manna from Heaven every day for forty years"?  No, God never said, "You are asking
too much"!  Did God rebuke him when Joshua said "Sun, stand still right over there until I win this Battle"?
Was God against that?  No.  Did god rebuke Elijah when he declared there would not be rain nor dew
until he said so?  Did God say, "You are taking too much responsibility"?  Did God say, "Wait! I am
running this universe Myself.  Keep your hands off"?  No!  No!  God says, "I am glad somebody cares
to get things done right, I will give him the keys to Heaven.  He can have it."  God never rebukes bold praying.
                                                       - Who Wants the Mantle of Elijah - John R. Rice
Parting Thought
July 23, 2017
  Baptists are not Protestants! - A number of weeks ago, we looked at the beginning of the Protestant
movement.  It started in the days of the Reformation when men left the Catholic church, protesting its
teachings that were not scriptural.  But since the time of Christ, there has always been believers that stood
on the Word of God as their only rule of faith and practice.  As the term Christian may have initially been
used as a derogatory term to name the disciples of Christ, so the term Baptist started in a similar fashion.
We are called Ana-baptist, i.e. "re-baptizers."  The believers would re-baptize those that came to Christ
in salvation.  Their infant baptism was not valid, not being scriptural.  Baptism was always after a person
came to faith.  Though not always called "Baptist", there has never ceased to be churches that put the
Bible as their only authority.  This is where we derive our heritage!  This is the church that Jesus said
the gates of hell would not prevail against!
Parting Thought
July 16, 2017
  Be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.
                                                                                                              - 1 Peter 5:5
A man can counterfeit love, he can counterfeit faith, he can counterfeit hope and all other graces, but it is
very difficult to counterfeit humility.  You soon detect mock humility.  They have a saying among the Arabs
that as the tares and the wheat grow they show which God has blessed.  The ears that God has blessed
bow their heads and acknowledge every grain, and the more fruitful they are the more their heads are
bowed.  The tares lift up their heads erect, high above the wheat, but they are only fruitful of evil.
If only we get down low enough, God will use us to His glory.
                                                                                     - D.L. Moody
Parting Thought
July 9, 2017
  A Christian should consider where they educate their children!  You have a right and a responsibility to train
your children in the ways of the Lord!  Consider this news article:  A mother's lawsuit against a Minnesota
school system for secretly helping her 15-year old son "transition" to "female" was dismissed by a
federal judge.  An-marie Calgaro of Iron Junction discovered all too late... that her son's school was
secretly giving him female hormone treatments with funding from the government.  She sued the school
district, the county health board, and local healthcare entity for violating her rights as a parent.
Parting Thought
June 25, 2017
My, how Ivy League schools have changed! Check this out:
All scholars shall live religious, godly and blameless lives according to the rules of God's Word, diligently
reading the Holy Scriptures, the foundation of light and truth, and constantly attend upon all the duties of
religion both in public and secret. - Yale University Laws of 1745
Harvard "Student Guide"  declares students can change gender daily!  Harvard University has published
a student guide that state's one's gender can "change" from day to day and merely saying that's not
true "is a form of violence."  "Gender is fluid and changing," the guide instructs.  The word violence is used
to describe anyone who does not endorse the fluidity of gender...."Misgendering someone" is considered
life-threatening.  "Traditional understandings of the roles of men and women and distinctions between male
and female are 'violence'."
Parting Thought
June 18, 2017
Father's Day history.....There are two stories of when the first Father's Day was celebrated.  According to some 
accounts, the first was celebrated in Washington State on June 19th, 1910.  A woman by the mane of Sonora
Smart Dodd came up with the idea of honoring and celebrating her father while listening to a Mother's Day
sermon at church in 1909.  Her dad was quite a man.  William Smart, a veteran of the Civil War, was left a
widower when his wife died delivering their sixth child.  He raised them by himself on their small farm, and
Sonora felt there should be a day to honor him and other dads like him.
The other story of the first Father's Day in America happened  on the other side of the country in
Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5th 1908.  Grace Golden Clayton suggested to the minister of the local
Methodist church that they hold services to celebrate fathers after a deadly mine explosion killed 361 men.
It was never officially recognized though until 1972 with the Nixon administration....adapted -
- A Brief History of Father's Day/The Art Of Manliness
Parting Thought
June 11, 2017
Charles Finney delivered a powerful sermon in New York on December 4, 1873.  Wrapping up his sermon entitled
"The Decay of Conscience," Finney concluded,
"Brethren, our preaching will bear its legitimate fruits.  If immorality prevails in the land, the fault is ours in a great
degree.  If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it.  If the public press lacks moral
discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for it.  If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible
for it.  If the world loses its interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for it.  If Satan rules our halls of
legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it.  If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our
government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it."
Parting Thoughts
June 4, 2017
Be aware of what's going on!  And know your voice counts, if we would just speak up
and pray for our country!
Teacher Labels Kids' Notebooks With LGBT Stickers,
Demands Students Remove Cross Necklaces
Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to the Hillsborough County (Florida) Public Schools regarding
a teacher who has prohibited Christian jewelry, is engaging in outrageous LGBT political activism in her
classroom, and punishes students who do not agree with her LGBT propaganda.
Lora Jane Riedas, a math teach at Riverview High School, placed LGBT rainbow stickers on her
students' notebooks.  Riedas' classroom decor blatantly promotes a pro-LGBT agenda.  Riedas
retweeted, apparently during the school day, "favorite queer web series for kids: from ' huffpostqueer'," stating:
"here's how to talk to kids about what it means to be an LGBTQ ally."  She is part of the Gay,Lesbian and
Straight Education Networks' (GLSEN) Leadership Institute.
Riedas has prohibited at least three students from wearing Christian cross necklaces in her classroom,
claiming they are "gang symbols."
                                                                           -- Liberty Counsel
On Memorial Day
May 28, 2017
We need to remember and memorialize those that have given their all for our country!
In the first hundred years of our existence, over 683,000 Americans lost their lives, with the Civil War
accounting for 623,026 -- of that, total (91.2%).  Comparatively in the next 100 years another
626,000 Americans died through two world wars and several more regional conflicts (WWII representing
65%of that total).  These gave their lives to preserve our country -- for this we should ever be thankful.
-- --
There is One we should NEVER forget, and ALWAYS remember...the Lord Jesus Christ who gave
His life, His all to preserve our souls for all of eternity!
We have a lot to be thankful for!
Parting Thought
May 21, 2017
Many people naturally assume that Baptists fall under the category of Protestants -- but is this true? 
What is a Protestant?  The Protestant movement originated with the Reformation which was in reaction to what
its followers considered to be errors in the Roman Catholic Church (adapted from Protestantism,Wikipedia).
Was there a Bible-believing church prior to the Reformation?  Of course!  Since the time
of Christ there have always been those who have banded together as born-again baptized believers to worship
and carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ!  What were they called?  Where did they meet?
Did they suffer for their faith?  We will explore this topic in future Parting Thoughts.
The Origin of Mother's Day
May 14, 2017
In the United States, Mother's Day was first suggested in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe (who wrote the words to the
Battle Hymn of the Republic) as a day dedicated to peace.  Ms. Howe would hold organized Mother's Day
meetings in Boston, Mass. every year.
In 1907 Anna Jarvis, from Philadelphia, began a campaign to establish a national Mother's Day.  Ms. Jarvis
persuaded her mother's church in Grafton, West Virginia to celebrate Mother's Day on the second
anniversary of her mothers death, the 2nd Sunday of May.  By the next year Mother's Day was also
celebrated in Philadelphia. 
Ms. Jarvis and her supporters began to write to ministers, businessmen, and politicians in their quest to
establish a national Mother's Day.  It was successful as by 1911 Mother's Day was celebrated in almost
every state.  President Woodrow Wilson, in 1914, made the official announcement proclaiming Mother's
Day as a national holiday that was to be held each year on the 2nd Sunday of May.  He established the
day as a time for "public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country."  By then
it had become customary to  wear white carnations to honor departed mothers and red to honor the
living, a custom that continues to this day.
Stay Informed
May 7, 2017
 Uk, Australia won't fund free abortions after Trump Defunds
International planned parenthood
The United Kingdom and Australia did not give money to a new global abortion fund (early March),  despite
intense pressure from abortion activists worldwide.
The new "She Decides" abortion fund comes in reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order
prohibiting American Taxpayer funding to groups that promote or perform abortions overseas.
USA Today reports representatives from more than 45 countries attended a meeting about the new abortion fund on
(March 2) in Brussels, Belgium.  About a dozen countries and several private donors pledged money totaling
181 million euros (about $190 million), according to the report.
While the UK and Australia sent representatives to the meeting, neither country promised money.
EDITOR'S COMMENTS:   The Associated Press reported that  "The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (gave) a
sum of $20 million...Another anonymous U.S. Donor pledged $ 50 million.....
Canada, Finland and Sweden each promised $20 million, while Belgium,
Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway dedicated $20 million each to the
abortion fund.....Other countries also pledged smaller amounts.
                                                                                     ----Sword of the Lord
Parting Thought
April 30, 2017
"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."
Mark 16:15
I CAN imagine Jesus saying: "Go search out the man who put that crown of thorns on My brow; tell him I will
have a crown for him in My kingdom if he will accept salvation; and there shall not be a thorn in it.  Find out
that man who took the reed from My hand, and smote My head, driving the thorns deeper into My brow.
Tell him I want to give him a sceptre.  Go, seek out that poor soldier who drove the spear into My side; tell
him that there is a nearer way to My heart than that.  Tell him I want to make him a soldier of the Cross, and that
My banner over him shall be love.
- D.L. Moody
Thought for The Day
April 23, 2017
"Then said these men, We shall not find any occasion against this Daniel, except
we find it against him concerning the law of his God." --Daniel 6:5
What a testimony from his bitterest enemies!  Would that it could be said of us!  He had never
taken a bribe, he had never been connected with a "ring."  Ah, how his name shines!  He had commenced
to shine in his early manhood, and he shone right along.  Now he is an old man, an old statesman, and
yet this is their testimony.
Character is worth more than money.  Character is worth more than anything else in the world.  I would
rather, in my old age, have such a character as that which Daniel's enemies gave him, than have
raised over my dead body a monument of gold reaching from earth to sky.
Thought for The Christian Life
April 16, 2017
Never be a prisoner of your past - let it be a lesson, not a life sentence.  (Author Unknown)
In the middle of the madness of life, in the face of death and dying, we celebrate the Christ who
conquers death, crushes death -- Jesus who is  Alive and makes Alive.
(Adapted from Charles Lyon)
Thought for Today
April 9, 2017
 "And He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee:  for my strength is made perfect in weakness.  Most
gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
- 2 Corinthians 12:9
WHEN we are weak then we are strong.                                                                                                                             
People often think that they have not strength enough:  the fact is we have too much strength.  It is when we feel
that we have no strength of our own, that we are willing God should use us, and work through us.  If we are leaning on
God's strength we have more than all the strength of the world.
                                                                                               - D. L. Moody 
Hello From the Packards
April 2, 2017
 We all would like to thank Big Valley Bible Baptist Church for allowing us to come and take on the big task
of continuing what God has done through your dear Pastor Gene & Mrs. Wilburn.
We do not take this opportunity lightly!  We want to continue the ministry of preaching the Word of God
straightforwardly as He has laid out.  We will endeavor to continue to seek the lost and teach them the ways of
the Lord.  With all of our hearts we want to serve and encourage you who are in our congregation.  We want
to continue to point all of us to our Lord, Who is our Hope!  (Romans 15:13)
As We begin our ministry, please pray for us, all of us; that God would give us His wisdom and strength
to go forward and do what only He can do.  And then we will know that God would get the glory and that this
church and His kingdom would be furthered!
Pastor Dave, Heather, Kaity, Jon, Aimee and Josiah
Welcome New Pastor
March 26, 2017
 Brother David Packard and his wife are now on duty as Pastor and wife.
Get acquainted and pray for them as they take the wheel and guide the church.
Big Valley Bible is an Independent Church. We are associated with other Independent Baptist Churches  for
fellowship and mutual encouragement.  We pray for all of our church family to get behind and help the new pastor
in any way you can. He will not make any immediate changes.
When he has been here awhile, he will make changes and programs to move the church forward for the Lord.
I will be attending church at times if I am needed to help the pastor.  We do ask you to pray for us as we come to this
huge change in our lives.  I have been preaching for over 60 years, pastoring at the age of 20 and founding my first
church in 1956. God is so good. I praise Him for His leading over our lives.
Now we move forward expecting great things.
 He told me to tell you,
Pastor Gene